Social responsibility

"CEMCN upholds the core values of “Prosperity, Win-win, Value Creation”.
Guided by the corporate philosophy of “Enjoy Physical and Mental Happiness, Create Social Harmony and Benevolence, Pursue Common Development, and Create more Value for the Society”, CEMCN has been marching towards its goals. In addition to providing customers and suppliers with best turnkey solutions and quality services, CEMCN takes law-abiding, tax payment according to law and maintaining steady employee development as the basic social responsibilities. In response to what the society needs and based on what CEMCN can best offer, we have been devoted to charity, education and environmental protection programs to promote harmonious development of individuals, society and nature, create and share a happy, harmonious life.
Through care projects, environmental protection actions and other welfare programs, we fulfill our social responsibility.
In December 2010, CEMCN made a donation to the “Drinking Water Project” of Zhanglei Primary School, Guizhou.
Since 2010, CEMCN has been donating to 27-Heart Fund annually, so as to provide egg meals for students of Zhanglei Primary School, educational subsidy for orphans, and scholarships for high-performing students. Every year a total of 300 students are benefited from the fund.
In 2008, CEMCN employees enthusiastically donated to Wenchuan earthquake-struck areas. 
In 2010, CEMCN employees enthusiastically donated to Yushu earthquake-struck areas. 

Since 2012, donations have been made to SEE Fund to initiate the Create Green Home Eco-friendly Business Startup Funding Program. "





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