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"CEMCN R&D Center has been staffed with over 50 researchers specialized in electric and automation control, hydraulic system design, mechanical structure and CNC design, and test equipment design. Working with China Coal Research Institute, Shenyang Institute of Automation, German hydraulic experts and others guided by the cooperative research mechanism in recent years, CEMCN has applied for some 100 patents, 23 of which have been awarded and 80 of which are yet to be awarded.

Steady Product Strengths:
Ø Specialized Design
-Designed by German technical experts and practical mine experts
-Intensely used by Shenhua Shendong for 6 years under the shaft
Ø High-tech Materials
-Military-grade Materials: Special stainless steel with great corrosions resistance and stability performance
-Europe and America imported springs, sealing elements, strainers and other core parts with original packaging: consistent, reliable, highly corrosion-resistant, long service life
Ø Great interchangeability
-Interchangeable international brand hydraulic components or customization as required
Ø Advanced Equipment and Process
-Five-axis Composite CNC Machining Center, specialized profile cutters, automatic net cutting and welding
-Working table semi-automatic assembly line, fatigue and intensity online testing table
Ø Comprehensive Testing
-Coordinate measuring machine, electron microscope, projector and other high-end test equipment
-Overall Controlled Production and Test Process
-Test by Specialized Test Institutions: Coal mine product safety certification, national specialized laboratory certification
-Coal Mine Field Test Review: 10,000,000t grade mine field test review
Ø High Cost-Performance Ratio
-Service life and performance consistent with imported products
-Priced 25% lower than similar imported products "

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