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CEMCN Product and Service Model:

1. Specialized Product Maintenance Service: Specialized maintenance service of electro-hydraulic control and hydraulic systems include specialized service for electronic control main valves and auxiliary valves of hydraulic support, repairing and replacing OEM equipment and parts, repairing and recycling waste materials, OEM specialized trainings and technical exchanges, which can greatly reduce the overall use cost of customers.

2. Specialized Equipment Full Life Cycle Service: The Specialized Operation Cycle Service Program of Hydraulic Support Electro-Hydraulic Control and Hydraulic Systems is an overall turnkey full life cycle service program for hydraulic support core parts, including underground daily maintenance, aboveground major repair, item repair inspection, parts supply and service; establishing onsite specialized service teams for customers to provide emergency repair services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; onsite emergency handling within 4 hours.

3. Improvement and Optimization Service: Improve electro-hydraulic control and hydraulic control systems with old hydraulic supports to be greatly repaired and transported, to enhance stability and reduce use cost.

4. New Working Face Establishment Service: Provide customers with hydraulic support equipment planning and selection proposal based on the coal mining environment, specialized turnkey services, and technical response.
In investor relations, we believe that 
Helping customer improve value is where our value lies. 
Team Work: Common Value, Common Goal, Benevolence Orientation 
Efficiency Pursuit: Unit Profit, Business Expansion, Professional Spirit, Diligence-based Excellence 
Sustainable Development: Create External Space, Improve Internal Strength, Seize the Moment, Maintain a Powerful Drive
Daily job responsibilities include working out strategies of investor relations, corporate capital market positioning, investment highlight and story interpretation, teleconference support for performance announcements, preparing key event news, road show support, maintaining investor relations’ networks and investors’ database, receiving investors’ inquiries and providing consultations on crisis management. Project-based service includes detailed analysis on shareholder structure, investor feedback survey (regular and specific topics like mergers and acquisitions), potential institutional investor targeting and expansion plan. 

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