CEMCN—Mine Perception and Electro-hydraulic Pioneer

Shenzhen CEMCN Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CEMCN) is a national high-tech enterprise committed to innovative application of information technologies of new generation such as cloud computation in the Internet of Things, etc. and industrial hydraulic technology in mine. It achieves comprehensive interconnections through a variety of the most advanced industrial sensors involving vision, listening, touching, taste and smell, etc. and mine wired and wireless communication networks, Internet and the Internet of Things, uploads data, audio and video etc. various attributes in real time to be collected to mine digital support platform, achieves digitalized memory, transmission, statement, deep processing, real-time interactive sharing of data and rapid synergy, and provides mine administrators with full data support in optimization of production plans, efficient management and scientific policy-making, making a wiser mine.

CEMCN products include a variety of mine electronic control systems, explosion-proof equipment, audio and video equipment, surveillance equipment and talkback equipment, industrial sensors including those involving pressure, accelerated velocity, temperature, humidity, gas, carbon monoxide, displacement and inclination, components including holder, hydraulic system, main valve, solenoid valve, booster valve, liquid pipe and assembly, and parts such as cable, wiring harness and assembly. CEMCN is a scientific supply chain platform which is innovative and one-stop, integrating R&D, design, production and servicing of electric systems and hydraulic systems.

CEMCN has developed and introduced advanced technologies from  domestic and abroad as well as made industrial transformation, conducted non-standard design and local upgrading on products adaptable to special industrial requirements, optimized integration and kept innovation in combination of lab simulation of actual operation conditions, and increased system standardization and modularization as well as plug-and-play compatibility. Currently, CEMCN has applied for 32 patents.

In compliance with multiple international and domestic standards such as UL, IEC, CCC and MA and ISO9001 QMS, CEMCN fully utilizes powerful supply chain of the Pearl River Delta and advanced production technologies to make traceable vertical testing on supplied materials, articles in process, semi-finished goods and finished goods throughout the project. Its flexible way of production in pilot scale experiment meets demands of clients on small quantity and individualization. A total of 39 CEMCN products have been declared and accredited as Safety Certificate of Approval for Coal Mining Products; CEMCN steady hydraulic holder and electrohydraulic control system products have been applied in intensive operation in Shendong Mine, Shenhua Group for 6 years, whose excellent quality performance and remarkable cost performance make costs of coal mining per ton of clients much lower than those of competitors.

CEMCN is oriented in concentration on services. CEMCN owns a team for after-sales services which are complete in technical power in the mine, committed to development of all-round professional services on the equipment so as to meet demands of clients: hereinto, in terms of project of professional services on life-cycle of operation for holder electrohydraulic control system, conduct comprehensive life-cycle services on core components in hydraulic holder including down-hole daily maintenance, ground overhaul, item servicing and inspection, supply of spare parts and services; professional services of servicing electrohydraulic control system are targeted at making professional servicing on scrap products including main valve and booster valve of electric control, repairing the old and utilizing the waste as well as comprehensively reducing costs of clients in comprehensive using.

CEMCN has been cooperating with large coal enterprises such as China Shenhua Energy Company Limited and China Guodian Corporation for over 8 years and become their trustworthy strategic cooperation partners. Focusing on development frontier of computer network and energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies, CEMCN is meeting demands of clients on safe and stable production from multiple perspectives of research, development, service and business, which through research, development and service innovation constantly brings value for clients.


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